The 1880 Strategies Team

Ryan Hawkins

Originally from Oklahoma, Ryan has worked on behalf of some of the toughest political and public affairs campaigns throughout the country. His experience in moving the needle is invaluable for anyone looking to win in today’s tough political climate.

In 2004, Ryan was a regional political and financial services director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee helping to go 4/4 with special elections. That work in 2004 helped lay the groundwork for the House to turn Democratic in 2006.

After two successful cycles at Democratic voter contact firms, Ryan founded and was the President of the AAPC Pollie Award Winding Creek Group from 2009-2020. His work with the Democratic National Committee Analytics team and the Obama for America 2012 Analytics Team revolutionized political calling leading Caroline Grey, OFA Director of Operations for Analytics to say, “Their work on our tracking polls and modeling ID’s was integral to our success on Election Day. We’ve worked with them through vocabulary changes in ‘data’, ‘targeting’ and ‘analytics’ and will continue our relationship with them wherever we go.” Very few people bring the depth of knowledge and value-added approach Ryan will bring to your project.

In addition to his political resume, Ryan is an expert at land-use project management as well as corporate communications. Whether it’s gaining approval for wind turbines in Oklahoma, fighting to block a coal plant in South Dakota or helping navigate out of a media crisis in Missouri, Ryan has the expertise along with the experience to back it up to solve all of your corporate communication needs.

Along with his daughter and her dog, Ryan lives in St. Louis, Missouri where they both enjoy attending Cardinals baseball games even though he is a die-hard Dodgers fan but he has finally given up on her being one as well.

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