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Issue & Electoral ID calls

Texting Programs Including SMS & MMS

Advocacy Patch-Through Calls

Data Matching for Up-to-Date Phone Numbers

GOTV, Early Vote/Absentee/Vote by Mail and Turnout Calls


What Makes 1880 Strategies Different

1880 is a leader in partnering with academia to utilize the latest in behavioral science tactics for identification and persuasion in order to effectively deliver key messages. Our team has worked with leaders at the top universities across the country to determine the best methods for communicating with voters over the phone. Because it’s not just about dialing a number, it’s about the message and tone in which a message is delivered that ultimately drives results.

At 1880, we focus on quality, not quantity. Our telephone service representatives are paid by the hour, not by the connect, so you are guaranteed transparency which leads to accurate return data.

While some call centers are limited by space, the 1880 team has unmatched capacity to complete projects for our clients. If you need a program up in a matter of hours, no problem. Need to call during GOTV weekend, no problem. No matter the time or scope of a project, we have the bandwidth available to meet our clients’ goals and deliver the desired results.